DR SAEPOFF'S SLEEP BLOG / mouth guards that can help you sleep better by Jessica Saepoff DDS

Do you currently have a dental night guard?  Many people have one that they got from a dentist or one of those drugstore mouth guards, perhaps.  Is it comfortable?  Are you still clenching even with the guard in?  Maybe it's time to see if a different kind of guard is in order!

Clenching your teeth in your sleep is certainly common, but it might be a sign of fluctuating oxygen and carbon dioxide levels in your system.  Your oxygen can fluctuate all night if your throat is closing, and the first clues are clenching of muscles and noisy breathing.  

A simple sleep evaluation will tell if you have breathing resistance or obstruction in your airway while you sleep.  If you do, then you will feel healthier and more energetic if you get it treated!  

If your night mouth guard is simply changed to a more supporting type of guard, one that keeps your jaw and tongue forward slightly so that your airway is fully open, you will sleep better!  These jaw and airway supporting guards are frequently covered by medical insurance if  you have had a diagnosis in a sleep lab.  

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